10 Steps To Running A Successful Daily Deal Promotion

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     10 Steps To Running A Successful Daily Deal Promotion

By now most trainers have either heard of or used Groupon/Living Social as a way to advertise their fitness businesses to a mass audience. From what I see you either love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground. While it can be overwhelming to have an influx of 100+ people getting set up for training, it can be well worth it if you do it right. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of trainers who hate using daily deal sites don’t have a system set up and it turns into too much work. For me, I have had great success with them so I thought I share with you guys how I run my daily deal site promotions. Daily deal promotions work best for large group personal training or boot camps, people are looking for a large discount so I haven’t tried anything with 1 on 1 training for that reason.

Here are the steps in order that I use to set up my promotion:


  1. Pick a date – I usually pick a date that I know is more of a slow period for us to get more people in the door.
  2. Contact the daily deal site – I started out with Groupon but found Living Social brought in more signups for me. If you don’t have Groupon or Living Social in your area just do a google search for daily deal sites with your town and I’m sure you’ll have a few pop up. They usually set their deals up a month or so in advance so contact them early enough to make sure your date will be available.
  3. Set up your deal with the daily deal site – You’ll have more people buy your deal if you have it really low like $25 for a month of boot camp, but if you do $49 for a month of boot camp instead there is more of an upfront investment and the more likely they’ll stay on after the deal. I have done it both ways and once I switched to the higher price I got more money up front and increased my conversions by 20%. The standard revenue share is 50/50 but I’ve learned that you can work with them and get at least a 60/40 revenue share in your favor if play it right. I have told them that the other daily deal site was giving me a higher share and I might just go with them instead and that will usually work for you. Once you get the higher share you don’t have to negotiate it again on your next deal.
  4. Send out a Press Release – I usually send out a press release a week prior with the date that the deal is going to run to help get the word out. I set up a free press release at pr.com and then pay someone at fiverr.com to send the press release with live links and keywords to all of the big pr sites.
  5. Let your current clients and list know about the deal – I only allow new clients or clients that haven’t trained with me for 60 days to purchase the deal. If they are current clients I give them $10 off their monthly payment for every person they refer to sign up for the deal.
  6. Set up a page on your site for the deal – I create a form in google docs with all of the information I will need from the customer i.e. contact info, class schedule choices, etc. I just direct everyone to the sign up page on my site and when they fill out the form it automatically goes into a spreadsheet that is saved in google docs. Include on the page answers to FAQ’s like how to schedule their initial assessment, class times, contact info, etc. Put up your schedule on the page and be as clear as you can about what they need to do to sign up and get scheduled.
  7. On the day of the deal – Set up your voicemail to direct people to your webpage that you have set up for the deal to sign up and for FAQ. It is always best to answer the phone directly when you can instead of letting the calls go to voicemail. Once people sign up on your webpage send them a confirmation email ASAP with their scheduled times, contact info, what they need to bring to class, directions, and I always include a link to my facebook fan page.
  8. What to do once the new clients start coming in – Make them feel like they are part of the group and feel comfortable. Don’t treat them like they are getting a cheap deal, show them the value of your training. If you separate your classes into stations set it up so you have some regulars paired up with the newbies that can help them get used to the routines.
  9. Once the clients start their deal – After their first class I try to call each person and thank them for signing up and ask how their first class went. It is important to call them rather than just send an email, they really appreciate that you take the time and it’s more personal.
  10. Getting them to sign up and stay – After they have been participating in classes for 2 weeks I send them a Thank you email for trying us out and include a special offer for them to continue. I offer a 3, 6, and 12 month option to continue which is $25 less per month than my regular prices and this has converted very well for me. Follow up with a call when they sign up or in another week if they haven’t signed up to continue yet. If by the end of their deal they still haven’t signed up I will call them and thank them again and make the offer again.

I have done several daily deal site promotions over the past few years and after trial and error and tweaking, the above steps have proven to be the best method for me as far as the least amount of work and the best conversion rate. I hope this helps and if you would like more detailed info or any questions feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at admin@fitprodeals.com.

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