Free and Inexpensive Tools and Resources for Fitness pros!


Free and Inexpensive Tools and Resources for Fitness pros!

                      Free and Inexpensive Tools and Resources for Fitness pros!

Running a fitness business can be time consuming and overwhelming at times (most of the time Lol!) so I decided to put together a list for you of some free and inexpensive resources to help free up some of your time and make things a little easier for you. These are all tools that I use on a regular basis to help run my business.

Google Drive/Calendar (FREE) There are a ton of things on here that you can use from creating and sharing files and spreadsheets to scheduling appointments.

Rescue Time (Free And Paid Options) Keep track of where you spend your time on the internet and become more productive.

Pingler (Free And Paid Options) Ping your blog for free to 100 blog pinging services. Upgraded options are available for a small fee.

Craigslist (FREE) I know some people say that it doesn’t work anymore, but I get a decent amount of free traffic from them and it you put your keywords in your posts they will show up in google search results.

Contest Domination (Free And Paid Options) Set up a free contest that integrates your twitter and facebook accounts and will help you build an email list.

Youtube (FREE) This is often overlooked but you can reach a wide audience and build your following with simple 2 minute videos featuring fitness tips, nutrition advice, etc.

Linkedin (FREE) This can be a great free tool to network with other fitness professionals and form partnerships, jv’s, and share and learn with other fitness professionals.

PR.Com (Free And Paid Options) Submit your press releases for free. This is great to get the word out about what you’re doing and will help you with SEO.

Screencast-o-matic (Free And Paid Options) This is an easy to use free screencast tool you can use to record up to 15 minutes of screen recording.

Fiverr  (Inexpensive) You can get a lot of things done her for just $5. I have used it for graphics for my website, press release submissions, video intros and editing, etc. Just be sure you check the contractors feedback and make sure you are very clear with what you are looking for.

Thumbtack (Inexpensive) This is a service where you can list your business and they will send you leads that are interested in your services. It is free to sign up and each lead they send you is only $6.99 which is pretty cheap especially when you consider the value of a potential client.

Founderfly (Inexpensive) For only $10/mo. You can access tons of information and programs created by Ryan Lee and network with other business owners in the forums. (Inexpensive) Just about any audiobook you can think of is on here and there are different pricing plans to fit your budget.

Manage WP (Free And Paid Options) This is a plugin that will help you manage multiple wordpress websites or blogs from one dashboard. Plans starting at $4/mo. for 5 websites.

I hope you find at least one or two of these tools that prove helpful to you. If you have a tool or resource you use that is not on this list please share with your fellow fitness pros by commenting below.

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